In memory of Bob Raiter. Born May 8, 1955. Left this mortal coil on August 2, 2007

In memory of Bob Raiter. Born May 8, 1955. Left this mortal coil on August 2, 2007
12th St. NW, downtown Washington, DC 1982. Astute observers will notice his Cigaretz t-shirt that he designed and screen printed.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Punk rock flyers - Washington, DC 1982

These are some of the flyers that Bob designed for the Wilson Center "hardcore" punk shows in Washington, D.C., shows in the early 1980's. These posters were 11" x 17" and printed old school style -- using ink, plates, paper and a printing press-- by our printer buddy Danny McHenry. We would stay up all night at Danny's print shop in Arlington, Va. Danny and Bob were like mad scientists on the printer, and the whole night was great fun. Then came Bob's favorite part -- we would go around D.C. in the wee hours and plaster the posters all over the city. It was kinda illegal but that was all the more reason to do it. (Bob was a bit of a miscreant and a total scoundrel, as we all were in those days!)

The Misfits poster shown here actually became something of a collector's item and is featured in several books on punk history. Many thanks to Danny for being a big part of this chunk of D.C. punk rock history.


Anonymous said...

I worked with Bob on many projects. I did the actual printing of the posters here. Bob challenged me to be better at my craft and as a person. Working with Bob always had me questioning and pushing myself for more. He was a big influence on my life. Glad I knew him am sorry to hear he's no longer with us.

-Dan McHenry

jove moix said...

Hi there,

Been a huge fan of early harDCore/underground diy music scene + really into graphics, and I must say those posters Bob Raiter did are simply superb.

I specially adore the one with the upside down cross and the one withe the three Xs and the red/black squares. first saw them in the "fucked up + photocpied" book and i went mad: they were sooo powerful!

don't know why, but spent many years thinking they were made by jeff nelson (if i am not wrong, he was also deep into graphics).

a shame to know he passed away....

but, by the way, is there more stuff from bob available? is it possible to see more posters or anything made by him? if so, it would be amazing. many thanks!

best wishes from spain,

Emerson said...

Jove Moix:

Send me your email address and I can give you more information on the Wilson Center punk rock posters.


Warring said...

I was in DC and part of the scene from 84. I think I may have a copy of that Misfits poster, though the orange is way faded. It was passed to me by a friend named Brian who I ran around with down in Virginia Beach around 89/90.
My memory is vague and times were so chaotic that at times I don't even know who I remember from D.C. anymore...perhaps even ran into you and Bob.
I used to have the XXX Hardcore G.I. Gangreen Faith show, but who knows where it went...with my memory perhaps.
Feel free to email -

charliebrown said...

Was googling Th' Cigaretz and found your post. I remember Bob, but didn't really know him. He was a grad or near graduating student when we started in '79. Definitely intense and talented guy, had a really cute and sweet girlfriend; Becky?-Betty? The yellow Free Advice sign is in my garage. Free to anyone who promises not to throw it away! Sorry for your loss, happy for your friendship w him.